The first is to find ways to highlight that b

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The first is to find ways to highlight that b

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I look at Air as a form vocabulary. It allows for endless exploration of shape tied to function, resilience and responsiveness. When I think about the formal engineering, the Nike Air Max 95 Mujer gesture and the aesthetic of the Air unit, two Adidas ZX 750 Mujer thoughts come to mind.Color introduces a world of new design possibilities for Air. But traditional methods for adding color, such as painting and color extrusion, are limiting, and they make reusing scrap material impossible. That’s Nike Air Max 2017 Femme why Nike created an inventive Adidas ZX Flux Dam process to color Air-Soles: A machine dips an Air-Sole into a vat of dye, similar to how one would color an Easter egg. Next, Nike perfected a new dipping unit that achieved a smooth fade between colors. With six colors (made from three base colors), the Air Nike Air Presto Femme Vapormax Flyknit BETRUE 2017 was the first Air-Sole to feature more Adidas ZX 750 Dam than two hues — a prime example of collaboration among designers, scientists and manufacturers.

The first is the exciting opportunity that occurs when we deny the traditional methods of making shoes — Nike Air Max 95 Femme stacking materials. Because of that denial, the shoe Nike Air Max 270 Femme becomes a biomorphic shape. With Air, and thanks to innovative techniques like the outer swept pinch, we can limit layers and create a symbiosis between foot and cushioning.Second, it allows me to ask, "What can we do with Adidas Superstar Womens technology, and these pockets that Nike Air Max 720 Femme are proscribed to the way your foot works and the way your body sits on materiality?” And, ultimately, “How can the bag become part of the body's natural motion?” There's nothing in nature that says, "walk on bubbles," necessarily. But the Air unit moving Nike Air Max 90 Womens and adapting Adidas ZX Flux Mujer and adjusting to all the pressures put on it… it's a truly dynamic shape that allows for constant reimagining and reinventing the base idea.In seeking new sensations, we have continually stretched the boundaries of Air-Sole design. Exaggerated shapes communicate their Adidas ZX Flux Dámské value — some plush, some protective, some flexible. Nike Air Max 270 Mujer Rosa And it’s not always about more Air, but where Air is most required.

With the VaporMax, this was a soft, bouncy, flexible ride. With the 270 and 720, we arrived at new heights (see H) and a depth of displacement that Adidas ZX Flux Mujer improved comfort for longer wear. In all Nike Air Max 90 Femme three, we worked with the core benefit of Air Max: energy absorption. We want, ultimately, to do two things: The first is to find ways to highlight that benefit, unencumbered from any other material. In the most imaginative sense (see I), we Nike Air Max 270 Femme want to achieve Nike Air Max 90 Femme weightlessness. The second is to push the limits of absorption with new geometries.Air is always pushing back, so we have to consider how those geometries make for a pleasurable sensation. We also have to find a stable base for the wearer. Because of these controls, we Nike Air Pegasus 83 Womens don’t start our work with the aim of creating a provocative shape, but it is a happy byproduct.

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