Young and young

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Young and young

Сообщение ylq » 11 май 2019, 03:44

Young and young, even when looking back, is no longer there. Time has passed, you are sincere, and you will not be 16 years old, spend the same age, dream like memory. Looking back, tears in my eyes, despite bitterness, but it is so unforgettable that Miss G is my classmate, we were so inseparable, nothing to talk about. However, since that incident, I and her began to gradually move away. "The road is far from knowing the horsepower, and I will see people for a long time." That was what I said to her last time. It was also the one that hurt me the most. In that case, we all lost both sides. The tearful face has always been a thing between us. stem. Because of my stubbornness, perseverance, and arrogance, I had that incident... At the beginning we promised that no matter what happened, we would not hide each other and not deceive. However, you are against it. When you encounter the biggest problem in life, she chooses to abandon me, hide me, stay away from me, and share her secrets with another person. I hate to abandon, hate being isolated, and hate cherished people to ignore me... ...but time proved to me that I made a wrong decision. That decision made us stay away from each other and escape from each other, but it was such a distance, but you first proposed to me. I don't understand you, I think you are a fake, you pretend to be so good in front of people, let yourself become a prostitute, if people know that you and the best friends have fallen out Carton Sale On Newports, certainly no face, so to me Service soft. Yes, that's it! So, I told myself over and over again, letting myself pretend to be very good, not showing you an expression that hates you. But time is so ruthlessly revealing the truth of the facts. That is before the 100-day swearing-in meeting, I suddenly have acute gastroenteritis, your urgency, your sadness, your encouragement, your meticulousness Usa Gold Cigarettes For Sale Online, your sincerity... and finally let me cry. I thought that this life will not cry because of you, because of that injury, I cried a full day, it seems that tears have dried up, my heart has broken. However, I really want to have a mistake, and it is a mistake that is a mess of facts, and my heart hits my heart. The softest part is still touched. I smiled bitterly, my stupidity caused unnecessary misunderstandings, my possessiveness hurts your fragile heart, my childishness makes us never dare to face each other... I am sorry, my selfishness My jealousy, my jealousy, my childishness, make us such a misunderstanding in the process of growing up in such a strange way Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes, such stupidity is often happening. Whether it can be avoided, whether it can be spent well depends on our mentality and depends on our mind. It is something we don't want to experience such a pain, but we have to face it. Because of this pain, we know how the person cherishes you, how the person can't bear you Newport Short Cigareetes, how do you care for that person, thank you for the mistake, I know your true heart; thank you for the mistake, I I know how I value you; thank you for the mistake, let us grow the clock is still spinning, travel is still going on, we are still growing. Even though I am in the end of the world, I still remember the silly girl crying for me, the fragile silly girl Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online, I will continue to fall like you, ridicule you, cherish you

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