The grass and grass

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The grass and grass

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The grass and grass cups have a total of joy, and Moin Chaimi��s words are sour. The spring breeze has been green grass Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes, and it is resistant to the cold. "This poem of Su Buqing is sitting in the room alone under the circumstances of my eyes. The dining hall is outside the door Marlboro Hard Cigerate. The noisy voice is gradually quiet, and the time for dinner is almost over. The female worker in the dining hall is idle, see I still read the book, came over and asked with concern, and did not eat. I took the peanuts and came to entertain. After a while, I came to the two workers and talked for a while, each of them left. In this bungalow with a canteen, there is a table, a chair and a bed. At night, there are often rats patronizing, jumping from the beam on the mosquito net, like falling on a safety net, and then hearing. In the sound of this sly, I turned to the dream and set up the rice and oil salt alone. The firewood is a kerosene stove. Rice, I bought the glutinous rice and came back Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping. The first time I cooked the vegetables. After a dozen or so matches, the kerosene stove was lit, the flames suddenly slammed up, and the pot rack was pressed down. The oil was poured, the oil and water slammed in the pot, and a glass of water was added in a hurry. Throw the beans in, boil Beans. The beans are cut into an inch or so, and the bowl is crisp and green. Add some salt, onion, garlic, and pepper. Count it. Then pour a large bowl of porridge, which is from the dining hall. Porridge, white porridge, green beans, refreshing, the night of the fruit depends on it to eat in the winter Newport Short Cigareetes, sweating from the forehead, really worth a coat of fur to look out from the window of the chamber, a mountain. If you go out the door, the green hills will come in the distance Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping, the longan will become a forest, the greenery will be green, and the pavilion will be covered. The birds will sing in the forest, and the bees will fly. When they first came to the school, everything was strange to me. And novelty. With the excitement into the door, watching the pines on both sides of the road, you can feel the faint historical atmosphere when you first meet you, the youthful vitality and the faint confidence is your charming charm. We didn��t have too many intersections in time. In memory, you are a strong independent and independent. The liberal arts division has become our separation. Although they are not far apart, they are goodbye, but after three years, When you first arrived, after a year of high school, you are still arrogant Letter, and I have long since disappeared from the initial touch. Your faint smile has touched a layer of haze in my heart. If every encounter is a tribute to the past three thousand times, then we are so lucky. In the vast sea of ??people, I met each other. What else do we have to be extravagant? We should cherish these short encounters. Now we live in a strange life in a city thousands of miles away, perhaps without the initial passion. However, we are all invisible to each other, silently blessing, willing to bring you a beautiful life in my life, everything is wel

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