Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans:

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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans:

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Week 3 sack analysis The Jacksonville Jaguars limped their way to one of their worst offensive performances (while the defense played one of its best) and lost to the Tennessee Titans by a score of 9-6.The box score shows three sacks on Blake Bortles Authentic Blake Bortles Jersey , but is that a reflection of the offensive line or were there some other players at fault?Let’s take a look.Sack #1: 1st & 15 at JAX 47, 12:58 left in 1QB.Bortles sacked at JAX 43 for -4 yards (W.Woodyard)After a silly delay of game penalty where Blake seemingly didn’t know what was on the play clock, he rolls out to the right and has tight end James O’Shaughnessy seemingly open on the fly going towards the right sideline.It’s a strange play design, but it’s definitely on Bortles who is a little jumpy in the pocket and needs to throw the ball away.Fault: Blake BortlesSack #2: 1st & 10 at TEN 45, 14:20 left in 4QB.Bortles sacked at TEN 47 for -2 yards (K.Vaccaro).Harold Landry lines up on the edge and gets around right tackle Jermey Parnell with his speed. Kenny Vaccaro gets the clean up sack.Fault: Jermey ParnellSack #3: 2nd & 2 at JAX 33, 4:00 left in 4Q(Shotgun) B.Bortles sacked at JAX 28 for -5 yards (J.Casey). FUMBLES (J.Casey), recovered by JAX-B.Linder at JAX 29. B.Linder to JAX 29 for no gain (W.Woodyard)What a cluster. Parnell again lets his man (this time it’s Derrick Morgan) get a little pressure. Newly installed right guard Chris Reed gets dragged way out of position which is what givesJurrell Casey as open a lane as he had Womens Marcell Dareus Jersey , leaving Brandon Linder vulnerable and clearing the way for a Bortles fumble.Fault: Chris ReedSummaryAll in all, there were a few isolated sacks and pressures, but nothing that warranted the abysmal day that Bortles had. This team would do well to have A.J. Cann back in the lineup but to say the pass protection was the reason Bortles struggled would be incorrect.2018 sack totalsPlayerSacksPlayerSacksUp next: The New York Jets!6 bold predictions for Jaguars vs. Chiefs The Jacksonville Jaguars are traveling to play the Kansas City Chiefs today in a game that pits two of the top teams in the AFC together. Before the game begins, we wanted to ask the Big Cat Country team (and you!) a simple question:“How will the Jaguars do against the Chiefs today?”Alfie Crow (@AlfieBCC)Go Jaguars.Jaguars win 31-24Ryan Day (@ryaneatscake)I think this is a big game for Blake Bortles and Dede Westbrook and I don’t think we see the typical letdown game from the Jaguars offense that we’ve seen recently after productive games from this unit.Jaguars win 26-20Jon Kirland (@BCBCouch)There’s been no evidence that Blake Bortles can string together back to back strong performances, as yet. With the Chiefs knowing early that they don’t have to worry about Leonard Fournette and the offensive line being banged up despite everyone playing, I get the feeling the Jaguars just can’t put the points they’ll need on the scoreboard.Chiefs win 23-13Ryan O’Bleness (@ryanobleness)This game scares me for obvious reasons. The Kansas City offense is electric and Patrick Mahomes is every bit as good as advertised. The Chiefs also have the benefit of home-field advantage. I don’t think Mahomes has ever seen a defense of this caliber, though. The Jacksonville defense has the ability to shut down this offend unlike anybody else has been able to do. Still Womens A. J. Cann Jersey , I could actually see this becoming a bit of a shootout. Everybody is talking up the Chiefs’ offense vs. the Jaguars’ defense, but this game may very well be decided by what Jacksonville’s offense can do against Kansas City’s poor defense. Rainy conditions may favor the Jaguars more, and the Chiefs had one less rest day as well.Jaguars win 24-21Brian Fullford (@iambwf)I’ve rewritten this multiple times, picking the Jaguars to win, then the Chiefs, then the Jaguars, etc...With all the storylines floating about Black Marcell Dareus Jersey , the one thing I keep coming back to are turnovers. Mahomes has 14 touchdowns and zero interceptions. The Jaguars have one interception. These stats scream for change.My bold prediction is the Jaguars finally win the turnover battle. Partly because of the defense, but also because we see Steelers Killer Bortles (SKB).If I’m being honest, this is probably a 100 percent heart pick. These teal glasses are surgically attached to my head.Jaguars win 27-17Filip Prus (@JaxonFil)I think the Jaguars will struggle containing Mahomes in the pocket similar to Marcus Mariota a few weeks ago, and the only difference is Mahomes has a howitzer of an arm compared to Mariota’s water gun. My feeling is that the Jaguars offense will get the ball in a two-minute drill situation where they need a touchdown and Bortles and company won’t be able to overcome the crowd noise and inclement weather.Chiefs win 30-24What do you think? Got any predictions for the Jaguars vs. Chiefs game? What do you think the final score will be? Let us know in the comments below!

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