The sky of imagination i

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The sky of imagination i

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The sky of imagination is endless, and there is only one dream in the heart, but the good wishes are diverse.wishes are diverse, and although they are not necessarily achievable, they will be a good memory in my mind. In my mind, a beautiful picture often appears - I wear angelic clothes, and there is a pair of white, beautiful wings behind me, flying in the skyhave wings, I will swim in this boundless blue sky and white clouds. Fly into the clouds, take the blue sky as the quilt, the white clouds as the bed, take a good sleep, it is full of spirit. Going to the free bird in the sky is faster than the speed Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes, and the plane is flying higher than the dear alma mater. I have lived in your arms for nearly six years. In this long and short time, I learned a lot, and I can't forget a lot't forget, the campus is full of flowers, trees and trees. That is the hard work of the gardener, patient care! In the early morning, the gardener always waters the flowers and trees, let them drink enough water, and laughs at life. At noon, the gardener always discourages those naughty children from stepping on flowers and trees, climbing trees and letting them grow up joyfully; in the evening, the sunset is flowers and plants. Put on a flaming dress, also reflected in the gardener's face; at night, the flowers and plants gradually fell into a dream, the gardener's face showed joy.t forget, dear teacher! Your voice, the instinctive voice, flows like a strand of sorrow into my heart of thirst for knowledge. From the beginning of learning boring pinyin to writing essays, this time, the teacher you have spent a lot of effort for us, how much sweat, how many night lights are clear all night! The chalk gray gradually stained the teacher's hair, and the wrinkles quietly encroached on the teacher's face Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S. The teacher's eyes are like the stars of the autumn night, shining with wisdom; the teacher's mouth is tireless, following the good and tempting, spreading the seeds of knowledge and lofty ideals for us. thanks for your work teacher! forget, dear classmate! The time we spent together Newport Cigarettes At Wholesale Prices, the deep friendship we have built, has already been planted, sprouted, blossomed, and the result in my heart. For more than five years, we have spent the unforgettable years together. Together we are working hard in the ocean of knowledge and playing together on the playground. I remember that one time, I accidentally fell, broke a small hole, and flowed out bright red blood. At that time Make Newport 100, I really wanted to cry. At this time, several students saw it, and when they understood the situation, they asked about the injury and helped me to go to the infirmary. At that time, I was moved by this friendship. How can I forget this autiful alma mater! You are like a gentle mother who has nurtured us with sweet milk. In your arms, we have developed a good habit of arranging time properly; in your arms, we have developed a good style of hard work, solidarity, civility, and discipline; in your arms, we get The knowledge of the pulp, the power of wisdom Newport Cigs Cheap, the truth of being human. Dear alma mater! Under your cultivation, we will become the masters of the 21st century. Believe us - we can do it!

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