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Automatic door drop seal manufacturers

Добавлено: 11 июл 2018, 09:40
Sound insulation and high resistant of high and low temperature.
PP brush has good flexibility, no shrinkage and break.
Siliconized strip has good waterproof performance
Easy to install and chage brush
Special design for sealing, anti-dust and prevent mosquito function.
Apply to the bottom of swing door,sliding door and free door.
TypeMaterialSeal height(mm)Lenght(mm)InstallationAvailable Color
PM21PVC+brush15/20/25/50mm or customized1000mm or customizedself adhesiveBrown,white,black
PJ21PVC+Rubber sheet20/25mm1000mm or customized self adhesivebrown,white,black
PF36PVC Coextrusion15mm1000mm or customizedself adhesiveBrown,white,black,transparent
LM22Aluminum alloy+brush15/20/25/50mm or customized1000mm or customizedscrewBrown,white,golden,black,silver
LJ22Aluminum alloy+rubber sheet20/25mm1000mm or customizedscrewBrown,white,golden,black,silverAutomatic door drop seal manufacturers