9900 yuan GUCCI female bag less than half a year seriously off the "skin" consumers questioned authenticity

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9900 yuan GUCCI female bag less than half a year seriously off the "skin" consumers questioned authenticity

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Miss Mou never thought that the woman bag she bought at Guchi Monopoly in Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street for 9,900 yuan had skinned in less than half a year. Reporters asked Guchi to produce customs import declaration, Guchi monopoly store delayed for eight days, the customs import declaration, but there is no Miss Mou's skinned bag commodity number.

On August 11, last year, Miss Mou complained to reporters that she spent 9,900 yuan on a black Fake Discount Gucci Bag at the Gucci Monopoly in Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street. Less than half a year later, the two bags were peeling off and began to peel off less. Miss Mou took the bag to the franchise store. The staff of the franchise told her that Guchi was a pure natural product and would not pollute the human body. It's not leather, it's the paint on it. Because during the warranty period, the shop can repair the paint for Miss Mou free of charge, but it may happen again in half a year, and it needs to be repaired again.

Miss Mou wondered, I spent nearly 10,000 yuan to buy a bag in Gucci, and every other year I had to take it to the shop to paint. Did I take the wrong medicine? It's a hundred yuan purse, not a skin drop.

Miss Mou said, heard the salesperson's explanation, she began to suspect that she bought Gucci women's bag is a fake. So miss Mu urged Gucci to produce customs import declaration form.

On the 7 day, the reporter saw Miss Mu's Replica Cheap Gucci Bag, two bags of marginal cortex flew up, very rough. With one touch of the hand, the skin falls off one by one.

On the same day, the reporter came to the Gucci store in Monument for Liberation pedestrian street, and saw many young women buying bags inside. The number of men's and women's packages in Gucci stores is less than a few thousand yuan, and tens of thousands of yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan. Staff at Gucci store declined to be interviewed.

On the third day, Ms. Wang, who claimed to be the Public Relations Department of Shanghai Guchi Headquarters, telephoned reporters that the goods sold by Chongqing Jiefangbei exclusive Guchi store must be imported from Italy and genuine. Gucci never sells fake products. Reporters told about Miss Mou's purchases of women's bags in Guchi, Ms. Wang answered that she was not clear about the technical issues, she will report to the relevant departments of the company, and then tell reporters.

On the evening of 12, reporters in a friend's office saw a Fake female bag Gucci, very beautiful. When the reporter asked about the bag, her friend said that it was given to her by someone from Hong Kong the year before last. It cost more than 6,000 yuan. It took two years and everything was in good condition. When the reporter talked about Miss Mou's Guchi bag, his friend said that Guchi is a world famous brand with excellent quality. Where can it take half a year to peel off?

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